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A New Look at the Way Colleges Recruit......

Now more than ever colleges are relying on relationships with scouts and coaches to help with the recruiting process. Often recruiting budgets are so small that colleges can not get out of their own region to see players. That is where BirdDog Scouting Group comes in. We identify and select only players that fit the needs of colleges both athletically and academically. With a targeted scouting plan using the 4 pillar approach we  build the bridge for players and families to connect with colleges. Like what you hear?  Click and fill out the Student Athlete Interest Form below and one of our Coaches will be in contact to answer any questions you may have! 

"Using BirdDog Scouting we got coverage from colleges throughout the United States with several great offers to play at places we had not ever even considered. Thank you for the opportunity we have to play baseball and continue our sons college education."

"The BirdDog Scouting website uses the benefits of the internet and social media to its finest. The exposure I got just from a couple of videos of me pitching, fielding, and hitting is truly incredible. In the end I had 41 colleges contact me, and 28 of those schools offered me scholarships."