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Birddog Scholarship

How to Apply!

 Go Ahead Click!  It's simple.  Answer the questions provided and we will be in contact. All applications are due by June, 1st 2019 @ 5pm.  NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. ( Please note to apply student athlete must be registered for Gold Account )

BirdDog Sports Scouting Group will offer two $500.00 Scholarships a year to eligible student athletes.  Student Athletes awarded the scholarship will receive $500.00 check written directly to the institute of higher learning they are attending to go directly towards tuition and fees!  

What are we looking for?

* Must show exceptional effort towards academic achievement.

* Must show stewardship within the community.

* Must show relentless work ethic on and off the field.

* Must strive to be a leader in everyday life. 

* Must exude high character and be a true team player.